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    Dr. Swati sinkar

    General and Paediatric Eye Specialist

    MBBS, DipNB (Ophthalmology) FRANZCO

    Dr Swati Sinkar is a well-known General and Paediatric Eye Specialist who works as an eye surgeon in Adelaide and regional South Australia. She specialises in corrective eye surgery services such as cataract surgery, ROP (retinopathy of prematurity), pterygium surgery, glaucoma treatment, macular degeneration, strabismus, eyelid treatment, and other eye diseases surgery as an ophthalmologist.


    Dr Swati Sinkar - Paediatric Eye Specialist and Ophthalmologist

    Cataract Surgery

    Cataracts refer to cloudiness of the natural lens in our eye, which results in foggy vision due to reduced amount of light passing through the lens. Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an implant, to restore eyesight.


    Pterygium refers to a scar tissue that grows from the corner of the eye and extends over the cornea and towards the pupil. It can cause serious vision concerns if it grows over the pupil. They need to be dealt in timely manner to avoid permanent decrease in vision.

    Eyelid Malpositions

    Eyelid malposition is abnormal positioning of the eyelids due to various causes. It is usually caused by relaxation of tissues around the eye mostly due to ageing, but can also occur because of paralysis of the facial nerve (Bell’s palsy), trauma, scarring or surgery.

    Paediatric OpHthalmology

    Paediatric ophthalmology is a specialised field that focuses on detecting and correcting vision problems and eye diseases in children.


    Glaucoma is the name given to a group of diseases that affect the fibres in the optic nerves. It can significantly impact  your vision, and if left untreated, can result in the permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes. 


    Strabismus, also known as squint, can manifest itself in a number of different ways and presents in both adults and children.


    Memberships and fellowships

    Actively involved with multiple organisations 

    RANZCO – Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

    ANZSPR – Australian and New Zealand Society for Paediatric Radiology Special Interest Group

    Women in Ophthamology

    Sight For All

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