cataract surgery

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Cataract is a condition that occurs when the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy, and will usually impact on the clarity of your vision. Cataracts are most often a consequence of ageing, but sometimes other medical conditions can play a part as well. Cataracts tend to develop in both eyes, but it is often the case that one eye will be more advanced than the other.


Symptoms of cataracts can include reduced or clouded vision, and increased sensitivity to glare or bright light. Other signs may be that you have had to change your glasses prescription, or you now have to wear glasses when you didn’t need to before. Some people with cataracts can have difficulty reading in dim light, or find it challenging to drive at night. In some cases, another medical professional may refer you to an ophthalmologist for cataracts, despite your being unaware that there is a problem. 


If you have cataracts, you will eventually need to see an eye surgeon in Adelaide to have them removed. This might not be necessary immediately, and you may be able to function perfectly well without cataract surgery for a period of time, but the procedure will more than likely be required at some stage. Cataract surgery is a minimally invasive procedure when performed by an experienced eye specialist, requiring local anaesthetic in day surgery. The process involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear lens; however, if both eyes need to be operated on, separate procedure will be performed, usually a month apart. Cataract surgery can be undertaken at any age, and there are very few medical conditions that will prevent an eye surgeon from performing the procedure.